About the sessions

A person makes an inquiry about a problem or problems they are having on any of the four planes of consciousness :

- Spiritual - Mental - Emotional - Physical

Dominique channels information, regarding the specific problem through guides or different members of the spiritual hierarchy present during the session. These come from the client and Dominique's unseen spiritual support networks.

She then moves energy within the client's Auric and Chakra System (the energetic fields surrounding the body)  to facilitate healing that the soul will have already set in progress.

After this Dominique and the client look at the resonance and dissonance between the personality and the soul, that is how much the ego is interfering or accommodating the soul's plan

Dominique works with the client to pool all of this information and work on strategies of how to assist them.

Bach Flower and Aura Soma essences including the Pomanders and Quintessences are used when appropriate. Dominique also has a wealth of information on Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Esoteric Psychology and other forms of Vibrational Healing that she works with to help support her clients.

Dominique encourages the people she works with to be empowered, self sustaining and nurturing during times of upheaval and change. 

*The sessions are based on therapeutic healing work. Dominique does not foretell the future.

Sessions go for 1 hour and clients are encouraged to record their session with a tape (recorder supplied), their mobile phone or a pen and paper. Lots of information comes through and it is often beneficial to be able to go back and listen to the session at a later time.

For Bookings please contact: (03) 9836 0417