Workshops explore specific metaphysical topics on either week nights or one day of the weekend.

Both groups and individuals are facilitated.

Previous workshops include:

1. 'The Infinity Spread' - with the Victorian Tarot Guild

2. 'Psychic Protection'- specifically designed for Healers (Alternative Healers and Traditional Healers)

3. 'Esoteric Book Club'- for past and present students.

4. 'Universal Healing Practices'- for students with family and friends.

5. 'Summer School' - Vibrational Energetics with the Victorian Tarot Guild.

6. 'Depression: What's the alternative?' - General Public

7. 'How to Clear Negative Spaces including: ghosts, entities, vortexes' - Clients and Students

If you have a topic that you would like Dominique to come and give a workshop on, or a group you would like for her to work with please do get in touch! All inquiries welcome.
For further information on duration, cost and time please contact : 
Dominique - 03.9836.0417 (Melbourne, Australia)