Tel. 03 9836 04 17
Melbourne, Australia


Dominique Morgan is a Clairvoyant Spiritual Counsellor offering vibrational healing sessions, tarot, numerology, astrology, and classes in metaphysics-

"A person comes to me with a problem or situation on the emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual planes of consciousness, and I channel information from their guides. With this information, we work out strategies to assist the person."

Dominique offers:
-Spiritual Counselling
-Vibrational Healing Sessions
-Life Coaching

-Metaphysics Classes
-Tarot - Detailed spread fully explained
-Numerology - Your life numbers detailed and explained
-Astrology - Esoteric Astrology
-Bach Flower Essences
-Aura Soma
-Esoteric Psychology

Dominique has over 20 years of successful professional experience

Dominique's metaphysics classes have become very popular amongst people looking to find out more about the multidimensional and esoteric world we live in.