Sacred Sex Magic Class

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Sacred Sex Magic details the historical ceremonial practices that 'sex' played when devising the most intense forms of co-mingling.

From the North American Indian's multi-level system of Quodoushka to the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Christ.

How much of it is Tantra for spiritual ends?

How does the Doctrine of Signatures when applied to human physiology determine our behavioral and emotional understanding of one another?

Disciplined breath work takes its place as one of the most important tools in a successful sex life. 

This class secures our bodies, stimulates our imaginations and encourages daydreaming so that we may really enjoy being intimate.

Students Learn:
- The Karma Sutra and our body's endless possibilities for pleasure
- How to best work with their anatomy
- How to work with a combination of physical desire and spiritual elevation
- How the breath carries the life force during tantra
- Sex + spirituality = happiness

*This class is suitable for single people, couples - gay and straight, all welcome. 

For further information on duration, cost and time please contact-
Dominique - 03 . 9836 . 0417 (Melbourne Australia)