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Elementotherapy is fascinating as it illuminates and communicates with the elemental creatures of plants.

Shamanism, The Gnostics, Psychic Healers and many other spirit workers of differing disciplines have all seen the relevance of making an equitable relationship with the elementals of plants, before attempting to gather and prepare them for medicinal use. 

It is in the exploration of this relationship, with all of its alchemies and rituals, that we come into contact with the role that is expected of humans in facilitating the rejuvenation of spirit of place.

We are then introduced to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Deva Kingdom from within the Telluric realm. 

Students Learn:
- Historical and current approaches to Elementotherapy 
- How to communicate with the elementals
- How Shamans walk between the worlds
- Charms, rituals and socializations that influence our relationship with plants
- How the Gnostics approach tantra

For further information on duration, cost and time please contact-

Dominique - 03 . 9836 . 0417 (Melbourne Australia)