Vibrational Energetics Classes

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Vibrational Energetics is a delightful course of study. It assists students to develop their sensitive awareness to the magnetic energies of mother earth and people.

In utilizing a practical approach, the gateways to energetic auric healing of person and place, opens students to their healing and channelling potentials.

Special features include:
- Anatomy of the Aura - Theory and Practice
- Intention of Will
- 'The Rays'
- Spiritual Hierarchies
- Attachment and Desire in a Magnetic World

This class is taught in three parts
Part 1 - Entering the flow of healing: the human energetic system.
Part 2 - Attuning and aligning with the Over-Lighting Devas of spirit of place.
Part 3 - Facilitating in the creation of sacred space.

For further information on duration, cost and time please contact-
Dominique - 03 . 9836 . 0417 (Melbourne Australia)

** NB: Psychic abilities ie- Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience etc. may inadvertently manifest as a result of studying these topics.