Spiritual Meditation Classes


Spiritual meditation, works through guided meditation. It reaches into the higher octaves of our energy systems, awakening more divine aspects of ourselves. We begin to clear the plethora of mind debris and open to the stillness that inhabits the foundation of universal mind. We connect to this giant pool, finding peace and calm.
 The classes are divided into two categories - Beginners and Advanced

Beginners – 5 weeks of clearing and grounding energy through the aura and chakra systems.

  • Moving energy to create protection and energetic boundaries.
  • Empowering with self-love, oneness and intent.
  • Connecting with our spiritual support network.
  • Removing blocked energies through the spinal pathway.
  • Clearing beliefs and judgement patterns.
  • Working out and resolving physic agreements and contracts.
  • Directing the mind, emotions and will to move into present time through each chakra.

Advanced – 11 weeks of activating and awakening the ‘KA’ Channels and ‘KA’ Template.

  • Working with emissaries of light, the galactic federation and higher self.
  • Accessing the sub-personalities via shamanic pathways, correcting dysfunctions and integrating wholeness.
  • Inviting the diva kingdom to aid in ‘cocoon’ healing and creating chambers of light.
  • Using the ‘Quantum Transfiguration Grid’ to work with toxicities of the body and lower astral entities.
  • Cellular reorientation and re-patterning.
  • Divine axis alignment with your higher self.

$25 per class + you are welcome to bring a tape or record on your iphone!Bookings are essential as there are a limited number of places per class.TIMETABLE 2018 Class timetable available on request.

For further information and to book a spot please contact -
Dominique: 03 98360417 (Melbourne, Australia).